‘Son Of Monsterpalooza’ Coming Back To Burbank, California September 16-18!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, love horror movies and make-up effects, and aren’t doing anything September 16-18…..then I just made plans for you!  Yes, the fantastic Son Of Monsterpalooza Convention (with it’s ‘father’ being the Monsterpalooza Convention that happened earlier in the year) is coming back to Burbank, CA and is coming fully packed with celebrities and events!

son of monsterpalooza 2016 - v103

Up on that flyer are some of the details, but if you want the full lowdown then head on over to their website HERE.  In addition to movie screenings, live on-set make-up tutorials, and costume contests – there will be a plethora of your favorite current and past movie and TV stars.  Did I mention that the creepy nun from The Conjuring 2 is going to be there?  More guests will be announced in the next few months, so stay tuned to the Son Of Monsterpalooza website and their social media pages for more info.  Below is a list of confirmed guests just to wet your appetite.  See you in September!

Jeffrey Combs – The Re-Animator, The Frightners, Gotham
Dee Wallace – E.T., The Howling, The Hills Have Eyes
Bruce Abbott – The Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator
Bonnie Aarons – The Conjuring 2, Mulholland Drive, Drag Me to Hell
Zach Galligan – Gremlins, Waxworks, Hatchet 3
Michael Berryman – The Hills Have Eyes, The Devils Rejects
Vernon Wells – Mad Max: The Road Warrior, Commando
Quinn Lord – Trick r Treat, Supernatural
Jonathan Fransham – Ash vs The Evil Dead, What We Do in the Shadows
Jonathan Brugh – What We Do in the Shadows
Judy Odea – Night of the Living Dead


Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Exploding Head On A Plate’ From ‘The Horror Show’ (1989)

I realized while I was eating breakfast the other day, that I haven’t had a lot of posts on my site focusing on exploding heads.  Yes, it was a random thought – but an important one nonetheless.  Because now I can start to go in the right direction, and I’ll even kick things off with a lesser known exploding head to boot!

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday (sometimes known as Sunday Bloody Sunday) where I am indeed showcasing a very special exploding head.  And not just any exploding head – an exploding head from the 1989 movie The Horror Show!  Or as some of you may know it, House III (which really never made much sense to me).  So what do you get in the following clip besides an exploding head on a plate?  Well, you get Lance Henriksen yelling!  How’s that for doubling down?  Get at it below:

Horror Movie Posters I Love: ‘The Invisible Maniac’ (1990)

No real explanation needed.  Just take a look.


How I’ve never seen this movie is beyond my comprehension.  I am a bit disappointed that the tagline wasn’t “He’ll scare the pants off of you!“.  I’m grasping at straws though with that.  What we do have here is great marketing because this poster makes me want to see the The Invisible Maniac.  It does look like the movie could be a bit rapey though, so that’s always a downer.  I do kind of want to see that girl on the floor wrestle with a fire hose though.  Fun fact:  Pornstar Savannah starred in this movie before she rose to fame in the porn industry, after which she committed suicide.  Sorry – that wasn’t very fun.

Dirty Horror Memory Lane: The ‘Hellraiser’ Video Game That Never Was……

(Cue the intrigue music) Unlicensed Video Games?!  Super Cartridges?!  What kind of crazy scenario is this???  Oh – it’s just the unreleased Hellraiser video game scenario that played out back in 1990.

Yes, if you hadn’t heard (and I just recently heard), there was an actual Hellraiser video game in development back in 1990, and it was full of shady business!  I’ll give you the short version, but you can read the full version HERE.  In a Cenobite nutshell, a company called Color Dreams was known for making unlicensed video games and they had a concept for a Hellraiser game that would be along the lines of another game, Wolfenstein 3D.  Color Dreams developed the game at a high cost, in hopes that Nintendo would go for it, and it was going to be released on something called a ‘Super Cartridge’.  It all sounded pretty complicated and the bottom line is that Nintendo didn’t bite, and the Hellraiser video game has been collecting dust on the shelf ever since.  Oh – there was a neat promo ad for it though!


Well isn’t that lovely.  Wait – over one million worlds?!?!  That’s a lot of worlds.  We may never know what the Hellraiser video game would have been like.  Oh sure – we can use our imagination and pretend that there was a scene where Butterball was creepily stalking you while licking his lips and rubbing his big belly, but that’s about all I’ve got.

In today’s day and age with the excellence of graphics in video games, I for one would love to see a Hellraiser video game.  The characters are interesting.  You can have a decent story (unlike some of the Hellraiser sequels).  And maybe…..just maybe…..that guy in the first movie that eats the crickets in the pet shop that turns into a skeletal dragon at the end would make an appearance.  So here’s to you unreleased Hellraiser video game that apparently would have been in ‘Super Cartridge’ form…..we hardly knew ye.  Actually, we really didn’t know ye at all.

Sooooo, There’s A ‘Bad Taste’ Action Figure Available……

Before Peter Jackson was doing some crap called the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, he was making what quite possibly the bloodiest, goriest, most enjoyable horror/comedy ever called Dead Alive a.k.a. Braindead in 1992.  But even before that, he had a bad taste in his mouth in 1987.  And that bad taste was a sci-fi/horror/action/comedy hybrid called…..Bad Taste!  I still don’t know what the hell is going on when I watch it, but I know that I like it.  And now someone has actually made a Bad Taste action figure based on the character Lord Crumb!


Yeah – that’s for real.  Goodleg Toys just put these up today, so if you act quick you might still be able to grab one.  Only 10 of the regular version were made (pictured above) and there were 5 ‘green border’ variants made as well with a different overall color.  Obviously since there are only 15 total, these are rare and will make a great addition to your Bad Taste collectible roster.  Not sure what that would consist of, but it’s a great addition nonetheless.  The regular version is going for $65 and the variant is $70.  Head on over HERE and see if there’s any left to pick up.  And while you’re at it, go blow up a sheep with a rocket launcher.

Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Band Saw Head Split’ From ‘Intruder’ (1989)

Do you like 80’s slasher movies?  Do you like lots of gore and creative death scenes in your slasher movies?  Well have I got the movie for you then!  Ok – enough of my special infomercial voice, let’s talk about heads getting cut in half by band saws.  That was an awkward transition.

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday and this week I am showcasing a little slasher movie with some big names attached.  Ever heard of Bruce Campbell?  Sam Raimi?  Good, then you get a cookie.  In 1989, Raimi’s friend Scott Spiegel directed and wrote Intruder – a slasher about a maniac killing people in a supermarket.  The potatoes weren’t the only thing that was half-off that day.  Case in point, this guy’s head in the clip below that happened to meet an angry band saw.  Still one of the best death scenes ever in my opinion.  Enjoy!

Review: The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Pfffft.  Screw that new Ghostbusters movie coming out next week.  Ed and Lorraine Warren are the REAL ghostbusters and they’re all about busting up the fun that several nasty entities are having in the long awaited sequel to James Wans’ 2013’s stellar flick The Conjuring, appropriately titled The Conjuring 2.  The question on everyone’s mind when a horror sequel comes out is always whether or not it’s as good, or maybe even better, than the original.  And I’ve read some reviews calling this new incarnation ‘The best horror sequel ever!‘.  Well, as the great Harvey Keitel once said…..Let’s not go sucking each other’s dicks just yet.   Continue reading

Rental Regrets: Scared Stiff (1987)

Much like that overstuffed burrito I just ate, I’m full of regrets.  Most would say I’m also full of something else, but regrets are what we’re talking about right now.  And I always had regrets back in my VHS-renting days of horror movies that I couldn’t quite pull the trigger on.  Enter into the mix the 1987 blockbuster Scared Stiff!  I figured if I threw the word ‘blockbuster’ in there that you would be more inclined to keep reading.


Ahhhh – look at that beauty.  How did I never rent this?  Oh I’m sure I just passed it by and rented Slumber Party Massacre II for the tenth time.  I’m always a sucker for good title font, and I actually kind of dig it here.  Reading the synopsis more closely, it looks as though the plot revolved around voodoo curses and slave owners.  Not exactly my cup of tea when I was a 13-year-old horror movie upstart, but I’m sure I could have taken a chance on it.  Looks as though Variety magazine was quoted as saying that Scared Stiff was “……..too explicit for the squeamish.”  What the hell, man?!  I love explicit things!  Only one way to settle this once and for all and see if I should finally watch it.  To the Youtube trailer!

Oh man.  I’m sold!  And it looks as though the only thing that’s really explicit is the bad acting.  And those terrible effects too.  This has ‘pack and bowl and watch’ written all over it.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Scared Stiff has probably not gotten the Blu-ray treatment thus far.  That’s ok, I’m sure I can find a watchable version on eBay.  Let me look……(do do do….do do do….do do do).  Ok, I’m back.  Didn’t find a VHS or DVD, but I did find THIS.  For those who don’t want to click the link, it’s a promotional paper weight for the film.  So……if you’ve ever wanted a Scared Stiff paper weight, there you go.

Well Take A Look At This Creepy Ass Video For ‘Frankie Sinatra’ From ‘The Avalanches’…….

Forgive me for going a bit off the beaten horror path with this post, but one of my favorite albums ever was Since I Left You from The Avalanches, released back in 2000.  That was over 15 years ago, and the group (comprised of DJs and musicians) is preparing their second album titled Wildflower to be unleashed July 8th.

Now where’s the horror/creepy twist with this news you ask?  Well, The Avalanches just put out a video for their new single called ‘Frankie Sinatra’ and I suggest not taking drugs before you watch it.  With strong ties to the infamous Jonestown Massacre, there are definite horror undertones throughout – oh, and the song is a breath of fresh air too. Check it out below and judge for yourself!

Lets Have Another Staring Contest…….


Oh no!  It’s Dr. Herbert West from Re-Animator fame!  He has that look in his eyes.  That look that says he will not lose this staring contest.  Keep focused though.  And would it kill you to close your mouth while we’re doing this, Herbert?  Geez.  Drooling all over and shit.  Oh wait – the 1985 version of Barbara Crampton just walked in topless and Herbert looked away!  You win!!!