Motel Hell Vs. Hotel Hell! Is Gordon Ramsey “Inn” Trouble?

Controversy!  Scandal!  Intrigue!  All words that are clearly overhyping the story that I’m about to bring to you.  Upon our nightly routine of channel surfing, my wife and I stumbled upon the new Gordon Ramsey show Hotel Hell on Fox. We were excited by the thought of Mr. Ramsey creating yet another show, bringing his total close to 54 now I believe (give or take).  We continued to watch in amazement as he yet again critiqued food and employee conduct, as well as giving the viewing audience numerous shirtless and nude shots of himself, clearly trying to reel in the ladies (and some men) by showing a little skin and T&A.

*one, two, freddy’s coming for you*

But then when the show went to break, it happened……I finally saw the logo for Hotel Hell and the revelation was released upon us!  Gordon and his crew stole their logo from the 1980 horror underground classic Motel Hell!   

Clearly, Gordon was a fan of Farmer Vincent and his shenanigans and patterned his show’s logo off the b-movie crowd favorite.  How else do you explain the similarities?  Don’t want to take my opinionated word for it?  Judge for yourself below.  Here’s the logo for Hotel Hell:

And here’s the Motel Hell logo:

Aha!  Case closed.  In fairness to Gordon though, who wouldn’t want to rip off this movie?  Where else can you see a cameo from Wolfman Jack and also a crazy old guy and his wife who make fritters out of humans, which they keep in a makeshift garden by the way, but only after slitting their vocal chords so they can’t talk or yell for help. With a realistic storyline like that, it’s begging to be ripped off!  Now I know – this movie wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve proudly and it’s mostly known for being a horror/comedy anyway – so the far fetched plot can slide a little because of that.  Side note:  I’ve always wanted to go as Farmer Vincent in full pig head/chainsaw garb for Halloween.

*overcompensating for something piggy?*

So you can take two things away from this post.  One, Gordon Ramsey is a hack and can’t come up with an original idea (might be a stretch, but it sounds more dramatic). And two, if you haven’t seen Motel Hell, you need to ASAP! AMC usually shows it around Halloween time, so catch it on there if you can. It still needs a proper DVD/Blu Ray release and it’s a crime that it hasn’t gotten that yet, but you can still pick it up in combo packs like this one here.  One more thing to mention, and I’m warning you, it may give you more nightmares than ol’ pig face up there.  And I’m talking about none other than the theme song to Hotel Hell.  Trust me, you’ll want to sleep with the lights on after hearing this.  You’ve been warned……


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