Podcast Alert: Get Out The Room!

A while back, I stumbled and then appropriately tripped onto a new podcast called Get Out The Room and had to share it with you, because that’s my horror duty.  If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be doing that duty now would I?  So here’s the deal:  every few weeks, these guys sit around and “chop it up” about everything horror.  They hit on the current movies out there, old favorites they love or hate, current horror inspired TV shows, and more!  And the thing that makes it stand out is that they know their shit and I respect people in the horror community that know their shit.  They crack jokes too, which doesn’t hurt.

*it’s called soap…..you might want to try it*

Spoiler Alert:  Yours truly will be joining the crew in October to share my horror insight and unnecessary sarcasm.  Now where can you listen to the Get Out The Room podcast? Well I’m glad you asked, because you can go HERE for all current and past episodes and hit them up on I-Tunes HERE as well!

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