Whoa……Footage For The Evil Dead Remake Leaks Online!

Ok – I retract some of what I said about remakes in the previous Carrie post.  I do however stand by my stance on that remake most likely being a shot for shot redux when it’s all said and done.  Now when it was announced that The Evil Dead was being remade earlier in the year, I shook my head non stop for about an hour, leading to a monumental headache and a gross amount of stares from people around me. Ahhh, but then both Sam Raimi (producer on the remake) and Bruce Campbell (also a producer) came out and said that die hard Deadite fans should fear not, because the Evil Dead remake would be: scary, bloody, and waaaay over the top!  Well, thanks to some bootleg camera work from the recent New York Comic Con, we get a glimpse at the madness and trust me when I say, it looks REALLY good!


I don’t even know where to begin with the awesomeness of that bootleg footage.  Fun fact btw:  because this is bootleg footage, therefore “illegal”, watch it while you can because it will most likely be yanked soon until a proper teaser is released.  **See, they took it down already – click HERE to go over to Arrow In The Head and check it out before they take that one down too**  Now, back to the footage.  Many, many nods to the original Evil Dead including:  the hyper camera movement through the woods, blood splattering on the lights, chainsaws, and of course the raping trees.  In addition to that, it looks like a lot more nasty self mutilation is in store and that tongue splitting at the end looked amazing.  If this footage is any indication, they really got this one right people.  And this Evil Dead remake looks like it has the potential to be one of scariest horror movies that has come out in a long time, not to mention one of the goriest.  Keep those fingers crossed everybody and mark April 13th, 2013 down on your horror calendar!

*good luck sleeping tonight after seeing this pic*


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