Get Out The Room Podcast: Featuring Halloween, Trailer Talk, Tyra Banks’ Forehead, And Yours Truly!

Well it finally happened.  It has been suggested that Tyra Banks should have used her big ass forehead to give multiple head butts to Michael Myers in the sh*t Halloween sequel that she starred in, Halloween: Resurrection.  And yes, that’s just one of the many entertaining and insightful tidbits from this week’s Get Out The Room podcast. And along for the ride this time was yours truly!

That’s right, the guys over at this insightful and often hilarious horror podcast asked me to stop by and lend my voice and horror knowledge to such topics as:  American Horror Story, the trailers for the Evil Dead and Carrie remakes, and the Halloween franchise. In addition to that, I give my all-time top 10 list of horror movies, which after more thought, I need to put The Exorcist and The Shining on there (came up with it on the spot and was three beers in, so you do the math).  The guys over at Get Out The Room know their sh*t, so what are you waiting for?  Click HERE, HERE, or HERE and listen now and support their horror cause!

*No Michael!  Don’t do it!  You’ll ruin your chance to become America’s Next Top Horror Model!*


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