Horror Movie Posters I Love: Halloween II (1981)

Sticking with the Halloween season theme for obvious reasons, the first movie to make it into my Horror Movie Posters I Love feature is none other than Halloween II. Coming out three years after the original John Carpenter classic, this was the first horror movie poster I ever saw when I was a child and it scared the sh*t out of me. The simple meshing of the pumpkin and skull continued that creepy, evil feel from the 1978 movie and immediately gave high hopes to moviegoers that those involved wouldn’t screw up the sequel. More on that in a minute, but here’s the original poster for Halloween II below:

Creepy ass poster, but a terrible tagline.  Wow – I didn’t ever realize how lazy that was. “More Of The Night He Came Home”?  Oh well, we’re focusing on posters here, not taglines.  Without going into a full on review of the actual movie though, I will say that I loved a lot of what Halloween II gave me.  


Aside from Jamie Lee Curtis’ bad wig, there are a lot of positives here and the biggest for me was the hospital setting.  Even though it really made no sense how the hospital was pretty much abandoned, it still set a nice tone and gave us some classic scenes. The scalpel in the nurse’s back comes to mind as well as the ending scene with a bloody-eyed Michael Myers slashing and whimpering before turning into a firewalker. Oh and how about Nurse Karen’s (Pamela Susan Shoop) perfect hot tub chest?  More than enough here in my opinion to make this a subpar, but worthy sequel.  Focusing back to the poster for a minute, it embodies what a horror movie poster should have (minus the tagline of course) and that’s what makes it effective.  It makes you scared, but it also makes you want to see the movie which is the mission of a poster in the first place.  So, congrats Halloween II…….you were the first horror movie poster that I loved!

*wrong hole Michael!*

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