The ‘World War Z’ Trailer Is Here! Along With Annoying Background Music…..

Brad Pitt’s here to save the world from a fast CGI zombie invasion everybody! The debate of ‘slow zombies vs. fast zombies’ will rage on for decades, but one thing that you cannot debate is that CGI zombies do NOT look good.  Just ask Will Smith and his I Am Legend on-screen pals.  But now that I got that off my chest, the trailer for the long awaited movie adaption of Max Brooks’ post-apocalyptic horror novel World War Z is here.  To me it looks like your standard big blockbuster with little substance and from first glance, feels like it doesn’t really capture what the book was about at all.  So I guess we’re dealing with a “loose” interpretation at this point.  This movie has been plagued by re-shoots which is never a good sign and judging from the trailer, I think they miscast Brad Pitt in the leading role.  But it is just a trailer (with mind numbingly annoying background music btw), so it all remains to be seen.  See for yourself below:

*run for the hills everybody, there’s a giant shit cloud coming!*

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