Best Bill Paxton Poster Ever!

See, I give you what I promise here at DirtyHorror.Com!  Now you’re most likely asking what the hell this movie is and why it’s relevant today.  Well, the amazing Scream Factory is releasing The Vagrant (which doesn’t live up to it’s amazing poster btw unfortunately) and more importantly, it’s also releasing The Horror Show aka House 3.  Yes, the other electrocution serial killer movie (Shocker being the other) will finally be making it’s way to DVD!  A personal cheesy horror favorite of mine, this flick has a ridiculous plot (so Max somehow electrocutes himself undetected in his cell?), a memorable villainous laugh, Lance Henriksen, and a talking roasted turkey.  Watch out for The Vagrant and The Horror Show hitting shelves in 2013!

*excuse me miss, i asked for this decapitated cop head to be medium, not medium rare*

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