Horror What Ifs: Creepy Edible White Chocolate Baby Heads

Have you ever wondered:  what if someone created creepy looking, edible, white chocolate baby heads?  If you have, then you’re a sick bastard.  But if you are that sick bastard, then today’s your lucky sick bastard kind of day! Even though this is wrong on a few levels, I couldn’t help but share it with you because of the horror aspect of it and because there actually is some nice craftsmanship to be found.  Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen has created these white chocolate baby heads and ummmm…..yeah…..just take a look below:

I guess the question is, no matter how much you love chocolate, could you take a bite out of these baby heads?  It might say something about you if you could, but I won’t judge you.  Myself?  I couldn’t do it.  And I love me some chocolate!  To be fair to the creator, she has some other desserts and bakery goods on her site that are acceptable to eat such as a severed arm, a bleeding heart, and a brain cupcake.  What can I say?  She loves her anatomy of the human body.  Discuss amongst yourselves and you can thank me later when you have some great dinner table discussion tonight about whether or not you would eat a white chocolate baby head.

*fun fact: the thumb has the most flavor of all the fingers*

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