Anticipation Alert: American Mary (2012)

I had been hearing buzz throughout the horror web world about this new indie flick called American Mary.  Really knew nothing about it and didn’t really pay attention to it much.  That is until I saw this poster pop up the other day:

Take your pick as to why it suddenly peaked my interest.  Is it the bloody image of Katharine Isabelle?  Or the rave reviews and high number of stars that accompany that bloody image?  Both of course.  So because of that, I decided to delve deeper into the buzz of American Mary and watch the trailer to see if that could live up to the hype of the poster.  And it did.

Produced and directed by upcomers Jen and Sylvia Soska (identical twins btw), American Mary tells the tale of a struggling medical student named Mary (Isabelle), forced to take a job at a local strip club to make ends meet.  With some extremely impressive scalpel skills, she’s called upon to perform some “work” for her boss and some friends.  The money rolls in, but so do the twists and turns, and Mary is forced to use her surgical gift to exact her revenge.

*nice bicuspids*

From the looks of the trailer, it’s another breakout performance for Katharine Isabelle, with her first being in the werewolf masterpiece, Ginger Snaps, back in 2000.  Wow.  2000?  Really?  Sorry, I just had a moment where I felt very old.  Anyway, American Mary is set to be released overseas on January 11th. No word on a US date yet, but hopefully because of the good word of mouth and positive festival reviews, we’ll get it sooner than later.  Btw – did I mention that the Soska Sisters had a previous film titled Dead Hooker In A Trunk? Just thought you’d like to know…..



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