A Day Late: Texas Chainsaw 3D Sequel Already In The Works?

I’m a day late on this one, but word around the slaughterhouse is that Texas Chainsaw 3D could be getting up to 6 more sequels because of it’s strong 22 million dollar opening weekend.  Here comes my sarcastic yay.  Yay!  No, I haven’t seen the new Leatherface outing.  No, I’m not rushing out to see it. But yes, I will eventually submit my eyes to the mediocre drivel that it most likely is and will be.  Add to that the fact that I already guessed the big “twist”, and you have someone here who will see it purely based on the fact that I’ve seen every TCM entry into the franchise to this day, even the shitty ones.

*ahhh! I forgot sunblock again!*

I get torn on the fact that this movie was number one at the box office this weekend.  I myself, went and finally saw Django Unchained which was way more satisfying than seeing a shirtless Trey Songs run away from our favorite human skin mask wearing villain.  I love that a horror movie, no matter what it is, can take the top spot on any given week.  But I hate that it has to be a movie that really seems it was made “just because” and doesn’t seem to have any kind of soul or passion behind it at all (the Nightmare On Elm Street remake always comes to mind when I type something like this).  I applaud a horror movie getting some shine, but I boo loudly at the same time when it really doesn’t deserve it.  I think I know what we all need here to bring us up from this Texas Chainsaw low.  Cue up the pic!

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