Smiley…..Will You Be My Valentine?

Ok guys, it’s that time of the year again when that special lady in your life is expecting something to really pull at her heart strings and make her weak at the knees.  Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us and the good news for you is that I’m about to save your ass and give you a gift idea that will certainly guarantee some sweet baby-making action when February 14th arrives.  Get ready to click the link below because you can now pre-order the movie event from last year that will soon be the DVD event of this year!  Oh fuck it – let’s just get the joke over with:  the Smiley DVD is coming out on February 12th and you can order it HERE!

Yes, that’s right current McDonald’s commercial star Caitlin Gerard, Smiley is finally coming to your favorite DVD player and hopefully your DVD player won’t blow up when you play the movie.  And it’s chock full of bonus features like a making of featurette, deleted scenes (more torture, yay!), and of course, music highlights.  Ummmmm…..what?  Music highlights?  Ok.  Sure.  Whatever.  And the best part is that it’s only $9.99!  What a steal – is what I would say if this movie wasn’t complete shit.  You know what, I changed my mind.  Don’t go this route for your Valentine’s gift gentlemen.  Go the safe route and get her some delicious meat in the shape of a heart.  She’ll love that.

2 thoughts on “Smiley…..Will You Be My Valentine?

  1. I Facebook “Like” this, haha… I saw this the other day… I’m thinking it’ll drop to $4.99 before long… I may drop a review on there about it, with links to GOTR and dirtyhorror, this movie had bonded us.

    • I was dying when I saw the “music highlights” part on the back of the DVD. I know I said I would leave this film alone in 2013, but I just can’t…..

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