Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Sphere In The Mouth’ From Phantasm II (1988)

It’s Sunday, but not just any Sunday….it’s Easter Sunday!  And what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, than with another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday.  That’s right – drop your easter eggs and chocolate bunnies folks….it’s time to dive into another gory highlight from one of your favorite horror films in pictorial form.  This week, it’s a gorehound’s dream from 1988: Phantasm II.

Yep, the return of the Tall Man and this time he’s pissed!  Gone is the subtle creepiness of the 1979 classic and inserted in it’s place are some gruesome scenes, mostly courtesy of the infamous Phantasm sphere.  And speaking of that sphere, it provides what I and many others feel is the highlight of the film. A poor mortician gets the worst of it as the said sphere first attacks his hand, then another proceeds to burrow itself inside of him, before promptly coming out of his mouth.  Reminisce with me about that scene and also about how ridiculous the plot was with this sequel.  Seriously – just read the description of Phantasm II on Wikipedia and see if you can follow…..

*you don’t have the silver balls to do it*


*bling bling*

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