Holy Sh*t Horror: Ending To ‘The Woman’ (2011)

Well, I guess it should be common knowledge that if you capture a violent tribal woman and try to “civilize” her by locking her up in cellar, it probably isn’t going to end well for you.  Especially after she already has bitten off your finger and your young son has performed violent sexual acts on her to boot.  Nope, I’m not talking about a taboo/lost episode of The Brady Bunch, I’m talking about Lucky McKee’s 2011 arguably amazing film, The Woman.  Definitely not for everyone and it’s definitely a movie that you will most likely either love or hate. I myself, loved it, but then again, I also love McKee’s 2002 directorial debut, May.  The point of this ongoing feature on Dirty Horror though is to highlight moments in horror movies that make you say “Holy Sh*t!”.  And thankfully, The Woman has a lot of them.

*let me get you some Tempur-Pedic chains so you’ll be more comfortable *

Let’s fast forward to the end and I will be nice and give you a “spoiler warning” now.  If you haven’t seen The Woman, then I suggest you stop reading and refrain from clicking the Youtube clip that’s coming up.  Or if you don’t care and want to watch anyway, by all means click away.  In a not so sentimental father and son bonding moment, Chris (the Dad) and Brian (the son) finally pay for what they’ve done to the star of the movie, The Woman. Sharp objects are swung, bodies are cut in half, and a heart is ripped out and eaten for good measure.  This whole section of the movie had me saying “Holy Sh*t!”, and it definitely brought things full circle storywise.  Standing ovation to Lucky McKee (and author Jack Ketchum) for going balls to the wall with the finale and giving the audience a satisfying, albeit disgusting, ending.  Again, it’s not for everyone, but give The Woman a chance and you just might dig it as much as I did.  Now enough talking and let’s get on with the clip!  Oh yeah, btw – if you haven’t guessed, this clip is NSFW:

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