Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Floating Dead Guy’ From Jaws 3D (1983)

Ok everybody.  This week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, it’s time to put on your cardboard 3D glasses!  We’re venturing into the scary world of Jaws 3D.  Now back in 1983 when I saw this movie, one part freaked me out and it wasn’t the awful shark effects.  It was when that one dead dude popped up in the massive aquarium and scared the shit out of everyone!  Oh the horror…..and oh what a shitty movie this was.  Take a trip down memory lane with me now in picture form and reminisce about a time when 3D movies had dolphins and yo-yos jumping out at the audience:

*award-winning underwater hair*


*drama queens*


*what’s up Toothy?*

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