Review: ScareLA Convention 2013 (Los Angeles)

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  If you just said you didn’t, then shame on you and you need to leave now.  Yes, that time of the year when all of the ghosts, goblins and slutty nurses come out to play.  And this year if you live in Los Angeles, you were able to attend the ScareLA Convention and honor and celebrate everything Halloween!  

For a first year horror convention, ScareLA really impressed me.  I honestly wasn’t really sure what to expect, especially considering that I am used to the more celebrity populated events.  The first thing you notice when you got out to of the elevator was a orange illuminated display for Los Angeles’ Haunted Hayride attraction.  Great way to start it off visually and it would only get better after that.

Aside from the many Halloween themed vendors on-hand, there were also panels and presentations featuring 2013’s upcoming local haunted houses. And if we’re talking haunted houses, the Los Angeles granddaddy of them all was there to announce their next maze.  I’m speaking of course about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and John Murdy and his pal wasted no time in announcing Insidious as their next movie-themed maze!  Thumbs up on that, and more thumbs up to go around as ScareLA really was laid out well.

There were more than enough eye-catching booths set up to look at, not to mention throw your cash towards as well.  Live make-up demonstrations and some walk-through exhibits helped boost the experience, including seminars and workshops.  It’s not everyday that you see Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick) hanging out by the food trucks by the way.  Gotta love the fact that creatures and zombies were roaming around scaring those in attendance, and I may have jumped once.  But only once.

Bottom line:  ScareLA was a great convention, not just for the average Halloween fan, but for the average horror fan as well.  It definitely got me in the mood for October 31st an for all of the upcoming Halloween festivities (really looking forward to Halloween Horror Night’s this year).  I’m pretty sure from the amount of people I saw in attendance that ScareLA will be back for another round next year, and so will I.  Below are a few more pics, so enjoy!






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