Sunday Bloody Sunday: Francine’s ‘Barbed Wire Death’ From ‘Wrong Turn’ (2003)

I’ve been listening to your reader requests and you told me that you want more barbed wire on Dirty Horror.  And being that I want to give the fans what they want, this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m giving you more barbed wire! 2003’s backwoods inbred cannibal film, Wrong Turn, brought a pleasant surprise to my horror mind and eyes when it came out.  It was tense, violent, and had some hot girls thrown in to round out the winning formula. Unfortunately, one of those girls didn’t last long, and perhaps got the nastiest death scene out of the bunch.

Poor Francine (Lindy Booth) was just trying to find her boyfriend in the woods after she thought he wandered off.  The bad news for her is that she doesn’t find him, but instead finds his severed ear.  Then she finds a nice chunk of barbed wire wrapped around her mouth courtesy of one of our mutated inbred hillbillies.  It happens everyday.  RIP Francine – your irrelevant Wrong Turn character is being irrelevant with God now.

*glamour shots*


*easy there, Tiger*


*worst flosser ever*

1 thought on “Sunday Bloody Sunday: Francine’s ‘Barbed Wire Death’ From ‘Wrong Turn’ (2003)

  1. I love this film. This gorgeous young woman suffers a gruesome death and is subsequently dismembered. No cheesy last second rescue. No sympathy shown whatsoever. Just a beautiful woman killed and butchered.

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