Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Leg Amputation’ From ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (2003)

This week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I detour away from Halloween and find poor Leatherface sulking on the side of the road.  Turn that frown upside down my little human face wearer!  You’re getting some shine this week for your handywork on Andy’s leg from the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Well, I’ll give Andy this – he sure did fight off Leatherface pretty good with that tire iron.  Too bad his brain was stuck on stupid when he ran out of the house though and decided to frolic through the sheets hanging on clothesline.  Why did he decide to do that when he had all of that open running space on both sides?  Well, his stupidity cost him his leg and eventually his life.  What’s not included in the clip is where Leatherface carries Andy down into the basement, throws him up on a hook, then puts a nice chunk of salt on that severed limb.  I’ll admit, that made me wince.  I’m even wincing right now as I think about it.  Quick!  Give me something to take my mind off that horrible, uncomfortable scene!

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