Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Carousel Trap’ From ‘Saw VI’ (2009)

Have you ever thought what would happen if you and five of your co-workers were strapped to a rusty revolving carousel while your boss had to make a decision to save two of you and blast the other four with a shotgun to your chest?  You haven’t?  You should, because it’s happening everyday (not really) and it happened in 2009’s Saw VI.  And that very scene is up to bat on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Saw VI is actually a Saw sequel that I can get down with.  I dug the story here for the most part, which takes aim at health insurance:  something that a lot of us have strong opinions on nowadays.  Which makes the plot of Saw VI and most notably, the carousel scene, all the more intense as a health insurance executive has six of his employees beg for their lives as they throw each other under a lot of busses in the process.  Our fearless executive can save two.  And four have to go.  Watch below to see what happens, and maybe this will wet your appetite for the new Saw sequel that will most likely be coming next year:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Carousel Trap’ From ‘Saw VI’ (2009)

  1. Scenes like this are the good little parts of the later Saw films that worked. I also liked the opening scene of the ‘final’ one, Saw 3D, where the 2 are in the trap in the middle of the city for everyone to see.

    • Yeah – I’m hoping that if they do the sequel, they can put some time and effort into everything, most importantly the traps.

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