Rare Promotional Annabelle Dolls From ‘The Conjuring’ Up On Ebay…..For A Price

With February 14th almost right around the corner, it’s never too early to start shopping for that perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other.  And if you’d like to scare the shit out them this year, I have the perfect gift for you!

For those who have seen The Conjuring, you know that the Annabelle doll only inhabits a small portion of the movie, but is creepily effective for that short amount of time. So much so, that it’s getting it’s own spin-off movie as a reward for that creepiness.  And apparently, to celebrate the recent Blu-ray release of The Conjuring, a rare 12-inch replica of the Annabelle doll was being sold along with the disc. As far as promotional items go for movies, this one’s pretty sweet.  Only problem is that it’ll cost you to grab one off of Ebay.


There are only about three of these up right now for sale, so you can understand the rarity, with the ending price usually being around $200.  A small price to pay for something that can freak out anyone who comes into your home.  If you’re interested, I’m providing a link to one of them HERE!

22 thoughts on “Rare Promotional Annabelle Dolls From ‘The Conjuring’ Up On Ebay…..For A Price

  1. Jody and Nicola , these dolls have been selling steadily for over $300 the past few months, some going for an upwards of $500. Email me at waynewestart@gmail.com and I have one for you! $200 plus shipping cost and she is all yours.

  2. Hey I been looking for a annabelle doll everywhere I haven’t been lucky enough to find one and if anyone has one they want to sell or know where I can find one please tell me. Please help I would love to have her.

  3. I’m looking for a full size movie replica, one with the blue/gray ish skin tone.
    Doll must be fully sealed in original packaging. Will pay to dollar.

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