Give Me The Creeps: The Ruins (2008)

Oh sure – a movie about killer plants and vines sure might sound stupid and ridiculous, and that’s because it is.  But in 2008, a film about murderous botanical greenery actually made me squirm and wiggle in my seat and made me think twice about cursing out any plants in the near future.  Don’t ask why I feel the need to curse out plants by the way.  Based on the book by Scott Smith, The Ruins is an effective little flick that had more than enough creepy moments to earn it’s keep on this edition of Give Me The Creeps.

The Ruins is your basic ‘a group or friends go away on a Mexican vacation only to have something really terrible happen to them‘ type of story.  And when things go terrible, boy do they go terrible!  Amputations occur, self-mutilations happen, and probably the most cringe-worthy scene is when the gang tries to rid Amy (Jena Malone) of the vines that have inhabited her body.  So grab some breakfast and click below to see all of the fun:

I guess breakfast probably wasn’t the best thing to enjoy while watching that clip.  If you didn’t squirm at all while watching that, then you’re a bigger man or woman than me by the way.  Sure, the story for The Ruins is preposterous. And sure the only killer plant you might be interested in seeing is Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors.  But you can’t deny the overall nastiness of that clip or of the other nastiness that goes down throughout the movie.  To prove my point, I’ll leave you with a parting gift of self-mutilation and an accidental murder.  Enjoy!

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