Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Crazy Troglodytes’ From ‘Bone Tomahawk’ (2015)

**Spoilers Ahead**

Sooooo – when I finally sat down with Bone Tomahawk, I was somewhat intrigued for the first hour or so.  I love me a good western movie and I also love me some Kurt Russell in a good western movie, so I was on board and half-wanted Val Kilmer to show up as a sickly Doc Holliday.  No Doc Holliday unfortunately, but what we did get were some nasty cave dwelling troglodytes that kicked things into full on gear for the second half of the movie.

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday, where you guessed it – we’re talking about troglodytes this week!  And might I add, that’s a first on my site.  Now, I did give you forewarning at the beginning of this post that there would be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Bone Tomahawk and think you might – don’t watch the clip below.  Of if you just like to have things spoiled for you, then by all means click away.  Just a warning though – it gets much worse as the clip goes on…..

2 thoughts on “Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Crazy Troglodytes’ From ‘Bone Tomahawk’ (2015)

  1. I am planning on seeing this… just got done watching Ravenous again for the second time. Get back to ya and let you know how I liked it. Love Kurt Russell as a cowboy? Try watching Hateful Eight if you haven’t yet! Slow but really well done.

    • Yeah – I liked The Hateful Eight. Bone Tomahawk is fairly slow too, but the last 45 mins is pretty crazy and intense.

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