If You’ve Been Looking For A Life Size ‘Alien’ Egg And Facehugger Replica…….

I was in my apartment yesterday and I was thinking to myself that I needed a giant life size Alien egg replica to spruce things up in my place.  Random thought, I know – but how cool would it be to have a guest walk in and be startled by seeing a giant egg from Alien almost hitting them in the knees?  Well now that cool random thought is a reality!  Because NECA has released a prop replica of the Alien egg WITH a facehugger!  And for only $500!!!  WTF???  $500?!?!


Why yes, random Asian girl – it is a pretty ridiculous price.  And also, are you scared of that facehugger or are you about to eat it?  I wonder what a grilled facehugger would taste like btw.  That is an actual picture associated with the product listing which is as hilarious as the price.  If you want to check out more info on this, you can go HERE.  If should be noted that for that $500 price, the replica egg lights up!  But the 3 AAA batteries aren’t included.  For shame, NECA.  Is it just me btw, or is that pic just the best thing that you’ve seen all week?

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