Anticipation Alert: Wrong Turn (2021)

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Wrong Turn franchise. I kinda love the first two offerings (how can you not love Henry Rollins in Wrong Turn 2??). Then after that, the other four (yes, there were a total of six entries into the franchise) barely achieved ‘SyFy channel reject’ status. But now, what’s this? Another Wrong Turn movie is coming? And it’s actually just called Wrong Turn? Quick – let’s watch the trailer and pick it apart afterwards!

Huh. That actually…..does not look bad. In fact, I’m intrigued. Kudos to the editing of the trailer for not showing off any of the mutants yet. And kudos to writer Alan McElroy and director Mike P. Nelson for making Wrong Turn relevant again. Now, it does appear that there is a bit of a ‘ritual vibe’ going on with this reboot – so we’ll see if that ends up helping or hurting it. But overall, it has my attention.

Actually, I am really hoping that the mutants are super mutanty (that’s not a word), because what made the first movie enjoyable (besides the plentiful violence and gore) were the makeup effects on the mutants courtesy of Stan Winston’s studio crew. We shall see. Wrong Turn will be out on January 26th, possibly in theaters (fuck you, Covid) and hopefully On Demand. Until then, go back and watch the previous movies to get your mutant fix!

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