Wanna Watch A Creepy 80s PSA About The Dangers Of Doing Drugs?

Did you ever get a hankering to do some hard drugs when you were younger? Maybe your friends were trying to pressure you into being one of the ‘cool kids’ by telling you crack wasn’t wack. Well, to combat the drug peer pressure, apparently Canada had the perfect solution back in the 80’s to make sure kids stayed away from that bad stuff – and also stay away from ‘nightmare inducing’ puppets. We in the United States had Nancy Reagan telling us to ‘Just Say No‘ – while our friends up North had this terrifying PSA running on TV:

Not sure what’s going on with those puppet kids’ lips, but it makes them all the more horrifying. So if you’re a parent now, and you’re struggling with how to tell your kids that drugs are no good – then just show them this PSA. You’ll either scare the shit out of them, or they’ll want to dress up like a puppet and smoke a joint.

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