Check Out This Great Horror Short: ‘Welcome To Willits – After Sundown’

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.  Thanks to Rick James for those monumental words of wisdom.  But anyway, a great horror short made it’s way onto my radar called Welcome To Willits: After Sundown done by The Ryan Brothers.  Cocaine is prominent throughout as our main character Brock impatiently waits for his friend to get to a remote cabin in the woods for a planned drug deal.  Brock snorts a little of the nose candy, implores his friend to get there before sundown, and proceeds to have paranoia set in.  And after that happens, things get a little messy.  Oh – and an alien pops up too.  Check it out below:

I was really impressed by this short and honestly can’t wait to see what The Ryan Brothers put out next.  Hopefully a full length project is in the works, as they’ve easily shown here that they have an eye for horror behind the lens and in front.  For more info on this directing duo and on Welcome To Willits: After Sundown, click HERE.

Dirty Horror Memory Lane: Tales From The Darkside Episode – ‘Halloween Candy’

Tis the season, so I wanted to revisit a great Halloween-themed episode from Tales From The Darkside.  The episode was fittingly called ‘Halloween Candy’ and had candy stealing goblins, cockroaches, and withered up decaying old man.  Not a bad trifecta if you ask me.  Fun fact:  it was directed by Tom Savini.  So take a peek below and make sure you follow the rules this Halloween or a goblin will come terrorize you and plant cockroaches in your kitchen!