Great Moments In Horror Hair History: William Katt

1976 was a monumental year, because that was the year that I was born.  Not trying to sound narcissistic, but I wouldn’t be giving you this insightful and sometime boring blog if I hadn’t been brought into this world.  But in 1976, something else was given to us.  Something more amazing and inspirational than myself.  Yes, that’s right – we were blessed with William Katt’s hair in the classic horror movie, Carrie:


That’s right – the only thing that could upstage Sissy Spacek’s freckles would be that lovely blonde head mop up there in that photo.  William Katt would later go on to transition himself and that hair into The Greatest American Hero television show, but we’ll mostly always remember him as Tommy Ross – the nice guy who wanted to take Carrie to the prom and instead got knocked out on stage by a bucket full of pig’s blood.  Sadly in 1986, William Katt would cut most of his luscious locks off for the horror movie, House.  And he would replace the attention of that with this shirt:


I’m sure you’re at as much of a lose words as I am.  So I’ll just let that image marinate in your brain for a little bit.  It was the 80’s, but some things are unforgivable, even during clothing-challenged decades.  But anyway – that shirt does not in any way deter me from having William Katt enshrined into the class of Great Moments In Horror Hair History!  Unfortunately his V-neck shirt is not going to be enshrined into anything.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By Trombone’ From ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ (1976)

If there’s one thing I say about horror movies nowadays, it’s that there just aren’t enough deaths by brass musical instruments.  In 1976, not only was the world graced with my presence when I was born, but there was a ‘death by trombone’ scene in the movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

So, on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I think it’s only fitting that we spotlight that trombone death scene from 1976.  It’s also very fitting because the remake/reboot/sequel of The Town That Dreaded Sundown was just released as well.  Without spoiling too much, the trombone makes a triumphant return in that one in case you’re wondering.  Ok, Phantom Killer – now take it away and show Peggy how to really play that instrument!

Anticipation Alert: Grizzly (2014)

When I was born in 1976, a killer grizzly bear movie called Grizzly (an appropriate and ingenious title indeed) was born as well.  It has somewhat developed a bit of a cult status, and the DVD can get you a nice bit of cash if you’re in a bind.  Sadly, since that year – the murderous bear movies have been scarce and often terrible (Grizzly Rage, Bear, Grizzly Park), but that could possibly all change very soon.  That’s right – a new movie with the same name as the 1976 flick is coming!   Ladies and gentlemen – I give to you the new trailer for Grizzly:

Well that looks awesome.  And it’s got Billy Bob Thornton in it!  Let’s not fool ourselves though, the real star of this is the blood-thirsty grizzly bear.  Grizzly really does look like a ‘guilty pleasure’ ready to happen, doesn’t it?  Here’s a quick plot synopsis below, as if you really need a plot to know if you’re going to enjoy this one or not:

‘In the action thriller Grizzly, a deputy whose mission is protecting the threatened grizzly bear suddenly finds himself conflicted when a massive rogue grizzly wreaks havoc on a local Alaskan community. Enlisting the help of his estranged brother, he enters the labyrinthian Grizzly Maze to track down his wife who’s gone missing before the bear does. As the body count mounts, and an infamous bear hunter enters the fray determined to take down the bear he’s been waiting for his whole life, no one is safe in the harsh Alaskan wilds.’

Ok, that’s all great and all but all I really care about is watching Billy Bob Thornton chew some scenery and the bear chew on some heads.  Looks like from the trailer that we’ll get both of those things, so stay tuned for more info and a release date on Grizzly soon!


Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Decapitation’ From ‘The Omen’ (1976)

I’ve had The Omen on my mind a lot lately.  Maybe it’s because Mondo is releasing the remastered soundtrack on vinyl this Tuesday.  Or maybe it’s because I was born the same year that the original was released in theaters.  Better still, maybe it’s because I’m the Antichrist.  I’ll let you mull over that last one while I tell you that I’m very excited to showcase one of the most enjoyable decapitation scenes in horror movie history on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

A challenge like gathering the seven mythical daggers that you need to kill the son of Satan can be a daunting task.  Just ask professional photographer, Keith Jennings.  Better yet, why not watch below what happens to Mr. Jennings.  Apparently his head was really fake by the way.  Who knew?

Fitting that it’s Oscar Sunday by the way since Gregory Peck just gave an Oscar-worthy reaction to that awesome beheading.