Have You Ever Wanted A ‘Monster Squad’ Lunch Box?

I miss my old He-Man lunchbox.  Sure that’s a random admission, but I was thinking the other day of a simpler time when I would bust out that lunch box in grade school and feel like nothing in the world could stop me!  There were never really any horror-themed lunch boxes though, and for that I was deeply saddened.  Which is what makes today a great day because the company 8-bit ZOMBIE is releasing a pretty rad lunch box based on the 1987 kids horror movie……The Monster Squad!


I’m making a PB&J sandwich as we speak to put in that bad boy.  But seriously, how awesome is that??  The artwork (in the style of Scooby Doo of course) is perfect, and not only do you get the lunch box (which comes in red or black)…..but you get that equally awesome pint glass too!  I’ve seen 8-bit ZOMBIE’s work before and they do a great job. These will be going on sale today, October 14th at 11am PST.  Price will be $45.  You can head on over to the site HERE and grab one and while you’re there, I would personally grab one of those Tarman Halloween hanging decorations before they’re gone.  Oh – and not only will there be lunch boxes based on The Monster Squad, but also a great Monster Squad Member Pack with patches, stickers, and more!