Metal Quartet ‘All Hail The Yeti’ To Unleash New EP On November 12th!

One thing I dig is discovering new music, especially if that music has a bit of a ‘horror twist’ involved in it. Such is the case with All Hail The Yeti – a metal band hailing from Los Angeles that not only has a new EP coming out November 12th called Within the Hollow Earth…..but also is the opening act on the current Jinjer US Tour. I was actually lucky enough to catch the show in LA last weekend and All Hail The Yeti brought that energy in their performance, and also brought along some Pagan vibes for their stage setup (goat skulls, sage, etc).

Definitely dug their sound, as it merged metalcore with some southern/doom metal. Personal favorite of mine that they performed being ‘Witch Is Dead‘ from their 2016 album Screams From A Black Wilderness. And after seeing them perform on tour, I’m even more ready for the new EP that’s dropping on November 12th! Follow the link HERE to preorder the album Within the Hollow Earth and you can still get tickets to some of the shows left on the Jinjer tour to see All Hail The Yeti unleash some of that new music live. Horns up!