Halloween Mask Hunting In June!

The greatest day of the year is only less than 6 months away.  No, not my birthday.  That comes in a close second place to the most anticipated yearly holiday of them all…….Halloween!  And even though we’re only in the beginning of June, why not start searching for that perfect horror-related mask to scare the shit out of little kids on All Hallow’s Eve night?

Now, if I asked you to name the creepiest horror mask of all time, most of you would comfortably say Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise.  I have great news for you if you did, because I found a new edition to the ever-growing Michael Myers mask collection……and here it is!


Oh dear God.  Well, that’s not good.  I apologize.  I guess it looked better the first time I looked at it, but now I realize that I was clearly wrong.  Ok, well maybe it’s just that the front angle doesn’t look that great and it looks better from the side?  Yeah, maybe that’s the money shot.


Why does Michael Myers look like Pauly D from Jersey Shore?  And it looks like he’s gained a bit of weight in the face which could be from sulking in his house and eating Butterfingers all day long.  There’s something I bet you didn’t know – Michael Myers loves Butterfingers!  Ok, we have one more chance to redeem this piece of shit mask, and that’s with the back view.


Well, clearly no help there.  So to review:  The front view is terrible.  The side view is awful.  And the back view looks like it was designed by Stevie Wonder.  Add all of that up and most likely, this is not the Halloween mask for you this year.  But cheer up!  We have about six more months to get it right, so stay tuned as I try and make up for this mess of a Michael Myers mask.

Experience ‘Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights’ In Youtube Form!

Alright!  October 1st!  The official start of October and more importantly, the official start to the month of Halloween.  And what better way to get the taste of All Hallow’s Eve into your mouth than with some footage from Universal’s Halloween Horror Night’s mazes in Hollywood.  So now even if you don’t live in Southern California, you too can experience the fun without having to stand in 2 hour lines and smell everyone’s bad body odor.  Sadly, I won’t be able to attend this year because they decided to rape everyone and jack the prices up to a ridiculous amount.  But thanks to Dan over at Theme Park HD, you and me can enjoy the maze walkthroughs of The Evil Dead, Insidious, and more!

Now, to see ALL of the mazes and Scare Zones from this year’s event in Hollywood (in regular and night vision), you can click HERE.  But below are some of my favorites that caught my eye and I’m going to throw in the American Werewolf In London maze from the Orlando’s Universal Studios experience because it just looks so awesome.  Word is that John Landis was heavily involved in that one and you can tell.  So let’s get into the Halloween spirit everybody – there are still 30 more days to celebrate.  Let’s get fucked up on some candy corn!