Horror Movie Posters I Love: Hell Night (1981)

The forgotten slasher movies.  1981’s Hell Night definitely falls into that category.  Whether it’s forgotten good or forgotten bad, one thing’s for sure – I love the poster for it!

Yes, that’s Linda Blair.  And yes, this was released 4 years after the debacle that was Exorcist II: The Heretic.  As for the movie itself, Hell Night is standard slasher fare.  It revolves around a sorority initiation and a killer named Andrew The Gork.  Not quite sure what the hell a gork is, but Roger Ebert gave his definition in his review back in 1981:

Gork  (n.) Deformed, violent creature that lurks in horror movies, jumping out of basement shadows and decapitating screaming teenagers.

Thanks Roger.  Anyway, Hell Night hasn’t gotten a decent DVD or Blu-ray release and I think it deserves it.  It’s not mind-blowing by any slasher standards, but it’s enjoyable 80’s cheese.  And I do love me some cheese, especially cheddar.  But the poster for me is head and shoulders above most in the genre. It captures that cheesiness, and grabs your attention, which is what it did when I rented the movie back in the 80’s.  And I dig the tagline too: Pray For Day.  Subtle, but horrifically charming at the same time.  Big thumbs up for the Hell Night poster and a wavy shake of the hand for the actual movie.  And an even bigger thumbs up for Andrew The Gork!  There’s a huge gork shortage in horror today.