News: Prometheus Sequel Confirmed And People Already Complain About The Plot Holes

It was inevitable, but it was confirmed yesterday via The Hollywood Reporter, that Ridley Scott will be returning for the sequel to his highly debated blockbuster Prometheus.  Buildings were burned, people rioted, and various statues were decimated once the news spread…..Why the sarcasm you ask? Because I hadn’t seen a movie in a long time that sparked as much debate and outrage as this one did.  Me myself, I dug it.  Didn’t think it was perfect by any stretch, but it satisfied my horror/sci-fi craving and even made me use a brain cell or two afterwards.  And I’m hoping the sequel will shed light on some of the unanswered questions plaguing the minds of the faithful moviegoers.

*a common side effect of too many plotholes*

Looks like they’re planning for a 2014 or 2015 release as of now.  And it also looks like Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace will be joining in on the fun again too!  Let’s throw Lance Henriksen in there and it’ll really be a party! Wouldn’t it be fun to party with some androids?  Or maybe not….I most likely retract that statement.  Something tells me the androids would fuck with you and it wouldn’t be much fun.  But throw Charlize Theron in there and now we’ve got a party!  Am I right?!  What was I talking about again btw?  Oh yeah – Prometheus sequel.  Get excited for it!