Ebay Find Of The Week: ‘Basket Case 2’ Promotional Notepad (1990)

As I grow older, I tend to forget to do things.  It happens, so I try and shrug it off.  But one thing I am always doing to help avoid this, is jot my notes down on a notepad.  The problem is that my current notepads are old and boring.  They have no pizazz or flare to them.  If only I had a promotional notepad from a cheesy horror movie sequel…………


Great Scott!  Is that a Basket Case 2 notepad????  Oh you bet your sweet Belial it is!  It’s amazing what hidden wonders you can find while browsing on eBay.  So yes, that is indeed a promotional notepad for Basket Case 2 from 1990.  The listing says that it’s unused (which is always a plus), and it looks like the bidding is at $9.99 to begin with.  If you feel like you must own this, then head on over HERE and get your bid on.  Or you can just stare at the picture above and be creepy about it.