5 Things I’m Thankful For This Year……

Time to loosen up the belt buckle after eating 15 pounds of turkey and stuffing with heavy gravy and give thanks for a few things.  And what am I thankful for? Well I’m glad you asked!  Because here are my five things that I am thankful for this year.    Continue reading

5 Things I Learned From The New Trailer For ‘The Babadook’

Nothing says Thanksgiving weekend like a good horror movie!  I’m being sarcastic of course, which is why I was I bit perplexed to find out that one of the buzziest and best reviewed horror movies so far this year is being released on November 28th.  I’m talking about the fun-to-say flick The Babadook, and if you ask me, those involved missed out on a big opportunity to open this on Halloween weekend.  My gripes aside, I’m here to talk about the new trailer and the 5 things that I learned from it.  Roll the clip!

1.  It’s never ok to push a little girl out of a treehouse

2.  Pop-up books are awesome

3.  The mother really needs to wash her hands

4.  Books apparently can actually hurt you

5.  I’ll most likely soil myself after watching The Babadook

Bottom line:  The Babadook looks great and looks deserving of all of the praise that it’s receiving.  I guess I can wait until November 28th, but this movie just looks like it’s begging to be watched during Halloween.  I guess there’s always Annabelle for that.  How depressing……

Review: All Cheerleaders Die (2014)

Back in 2002, I stumbled upon the movie May – a film about a girl who is dedicated (and I mean really dedicated) to creating the “perfect” friend.  It blew me away and I had the writer and director, Lucky McKee, to thank for that. Angela Bettis wasn’t too shabby either.  So because of May, I kept McKee on my radar and I’m glad I did because in 2011 he came strong with the sick and twisted misogyny tale, The Woman.  I notice a focus and theme of the female character with all of his movies, so it came as no surprise when I heard about his latest effort – All Cheerleaders Die.  After watching it, I have good news for anyone who has been waiting for a movie about lesbian cheerleaders who die and come back to life to exact revenge on the high school jocks who killed them. Continue reading

Review: In Fear (2014)

Word to the wise if you want to take your girlfriend of two weeks for a romantic getaway to a secluded hotel in the woods:  Check the reviews on Trip Advisor first.  Just saying, because you might get lost and have some psycho playing head games and stalking you if you don’t.  Welcome to Jeremy Lovering’s tense little independent shocker, In Fear.   Continue reading