Anticipation Alert: V/H/S 3 – Viral (2014)

Ok V/H/S horror franchise… sunk your hooks into me and now we’re attached for good.  And I kind of like it.  2012 introduced us to the first V/H/S movie with mixed results, but overall I was fairly pleased with the final product. Then in 2013, the necessary sequel V/H/S/2 gave us more of the same, with the gigantic highlight being ‘Safe Haven‘ from Gareth Evans.  So this year, of course we have to get another dose of the found-footage goodness and this time it’s apparently going viral.  I’m just guessing because the next installment is called V/H/S 3: Viral.  And here’s the new teaser trailer!

So after watching all of those quick jump cuts edited together, there appears to be a story involving magicians and that really intrigues me.  Overall, the trailer definitely impressed me and stylistically it looks like this could be the strongest entry into the franchise to date.  Having said that, I’m not too familiar with the directors involved this time around (Marcel Sarmiento, Gregg Bishop, Justin Benson, Todd Lincoln, Nacho Vigalondo), but that actually might turn out to be a plus. Always good to get some fresh blood in the mix, so stay tuned and we’ll see together how it all plays out.  No release date as of yet, but expect V/H/S 3: Viral to hit in 2014 for sure.


Required Halloween Viewing: Creepshow (1982)

Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you some of my personal required Halloween time horror movie viewings.  Bear in mind, this would obviously be in addition to the standards like John Carpenter’s original Halloween and the newest flick that celebrates All Hallow’s Eve in the right way, Trick ‘r Treat.  Speaking of anthology movies, let’s talk about what I consider to be the Granddaddy of them all:  Creepshow.

Let me set a vivid scenario for you:  I’m a young Indiana boy getting home after a pretty successful night of trick or treating, as I dump all of my candy out on the table so Mom & Dad can check and make sure there aren’t any hidden razor blades in the mix.

Side story by the way:  I had a crazy old guy in my neighborhood growing up that used to try and give chocolate covered grasshoppers to kids instead of candy.

But back to the vivid scenario:  As kids are still knocking on our door asking my parents to smell their feet or something, I hear a garbled voice coming from the TV saying “Where’s my cake??”.  My eyes fixate on the screen, the colors popping off in true comic book style form, and I realize that I’m having my first experience with Creepshow.

Creepshow doesn’t have any specific Halloween themes other than a pumpkin in the window during the intro.  There are zombies, a monster in a crate, and a bunch of cockroaches – but none have anything to really do with October 31st. It feels like a bigger Halloween movie though.  It’s fun, scary, it’s just one of those movies that should be either viewed or playing in the background on Halloween night.  And just because there isn’t someone running around in a white William Shatner mask, doesn’t mean that Creepshow can’t earn it’s rightful place in required Halloween time viewing slots.

This movie will always hold a special place in my horror heart for numerous reasons, but I’ll never forget my first time with it.  I was gentle, but not too gentle, and when it was all said and done, I wanted to come back for more. I’m talking about Creepshow in case you forgot.  So when you get ready for your overaged trick or treaters this Halloween or just want to add something new to your movie marathon, don’t forget about the little slice of horror love from 1982, Creepshow.  Now dance for us Ed Harris!