Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Father’s Day’ From ‘Creepshow’ (1982)

It’s that time of the year again for all of you fathers around the world to sit on your asses and do absolutely jack shit for the entire day.  Which is good news because it means you’ll have plenty of time to read this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday!

I pondered what to write about this Sunday and then a little voice whispered in my ear “Hey dumbass, it’s Father’s Day.  So why don’t you do something about the ‘Father’s Day’ segment from Creepshow?  You dumbass.”  Even though that little voice can be quite rude, he’s right!  So let’s celebrate this holiday with all of the death scenes from the ‘Father’s Day‘ story in 1982’s classic horror anthology, Creepshow.  I’m so happy that he finally got his cake by the way.