Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Bisection Death’ From ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ (2001)


If you are offended by large, fake ghost boobs – then I suggest you stop reading now.  Because if you keep reading and then click the link that’s below, you will see some large, fake ghost boobs. 

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday!  I’ve been away for a minute, and wanted to jump right back into things with one of my favorite death scenes from 2001’s stupid but enjoyable, Thir13en Ghosts.  Or as some would call it, 13 Ghosts.  Better still, how about Thirteen Ghosts?  Whichever way you want to spell it, it’s the definition of a fun horror movie with the ghosts definitely being the highlight.

The scene I’m spotlighting here is where our fearless lawyer Ben Moss (JR Bourne) unleashes the ghosts when he picks up a valise of money.  It’s at this point that we get our first look at the naked female ghost with large boobs that you were warned about earlier in the post.  As for poor Ben, well – at least he got to look at a pair of breasts before meeting his entertaining demise.