Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Death By Toy Soldiers’ From ‘Dolls’ (1987)

If you’ve ever had a fear of being killed by a bunch of little toy soldiers, I would leave the post now.  Ok – you’ve been warned.  And the reason I’m warning you is because on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m highlighting a death scene that involves psychotic little toy soldiers from Stuart Gordon’s 1987 amazing little horror film, Dolls.

Not much needs to be set up for this clip, other than knowing that a punk rock girl goes snooping around where she shouldn’t, and finds her eyeless friend (an iconic image that was incorporated on the original VHS cover) and a bunch of creepy-ass dolls.  After she destroys a good majority of them, revealing their little skull faces under the porcelain – she encounters the toy soldiers.  Don’t let their drum taps and harmless bugle fool you…..they’re pissed off.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Cat Down The Throat’ From ‘Tales From The Darkside – The Movie’ (1990)

Confession:  I don’t like cats.  There, I said it.  I’m a dog kind of guy and no offense to cat owners, but cats are definitely on the bottom of the pet totem pole for me.  And do you know why?  Because they can become murderous felines that literally jump down my throat and eat my insides!  And also, I’m allergic to them.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday where I’m going to give a little love to the crazy fucking cat from the Tales From The Darkside movie.  That’s right, in 1990 there was a movie based on the super-awesome TV show of the same name.  The big-screen version was ok, with the highlight probably being these scenes from the story, Cat From Hell, which involved some pretty impressive practical effects of the cat getting all down the throat of Buster Poindexter.