News: Pre-Order Your Very Own Blacula Collector’s Figure!

I know right now you’re looking around your office desk or cubicle and thinking “How can I spruce this working area up?”  Or maybe you’re sitting in your room and thinking, “What new action figure can I buy and play with?”, which is sad considering you’re a grown ass man.  Have no fear, because your favorite mother-bloodsucker from the 70’s can be yours in 12 inch figure form soon….Yes it’s Blacula, the 12 inch collectable figure!  And you can pre-order this funky brother right here!

*soundtrack sold separately*

Well, $69.99 seems a little steep for this iconic 70’s blaxploitation character, but how can you put a price on nostalgia from your bad movie memories as a child?  Think about it.  You can take Blacula to breakfast with you, but just make sure you order him a Bloody Mary.  Or maybe surprise your wife when she goes to bed and pulls the covers back to see a big, 12 inch, black………figure of Blacula ready to cuddle with her!  Yes, the Blacula collectible figure is the perfect addition to any situation you can think of, so slide to the bone and pick one up.  It’s a stone cold groove baby and I’m starting to run out of black slang terms from the 70’s.  So get over here and pre-order now.  And maybe one day we’ll get a Blackenstein 12 inch figure to keep Blacula company – now cue up that amazingly awesome poster!