Summer’s Not Over Yet Ladies…..Get Your ‘Evil Dead’ Bikini Now!

Be honest gals.  You’ve always wanted to wear the Book Of The Dead in bikini form so you could frolic in the water and summon demons at the same time, right?  Of course you have.  The bikini Gods were listening, and now for a mere $100 you can represent the cult classic The Evil Dead and make horror nerds drool at the same time.  Head over HERE to Etsy to purchase and see more pics of the flesh on flesh bikini fun.  Disgusting, but somewhat hot?  You decide.

Review: Evil Dead (2013)

It’s hard out here for a possessed demon, man.  You have to take scalding hot showers, you uncontrollably piss you pants, but on the upside – you apparently can be a pretty good shot with a nail gun!  With all this demon talk going on, chances are I can only be talking about one movie:  Evil Dead.  Yes Fede Alvarez’s feature directorial debut film is a remake of the 1981 Sam Raimi lensed cult classic, The Evil Dead.  So does the potentially unnecessary remake do the original justice and maybe even improve on it?  Or is it just another in a long line of horror remakes that missed the mark and should have been left in the cellar?  Step inside and find out…. Continue reading