Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Jonah And His Severed Limbs’ From ‘The Green Inferno’ (2015)

Alright!  It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  And I’m sure what’s on your mind more than if Peyton Manning is going to defy ‘old man odds’ and win, is what you’re going to eat for the big game.  Nachos perhaps?  Maybe some delicious ribs?  Or if you’re involved in a cannibalistic tribe, maybe you’ll have more of a human arm and leg kind of craving?

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday, and this week I decided to give Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno a little more shine.  I was maybe a tad too harsh on it in my review last year, but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that Jonah’s death scene is pure ridiculous gory goodness.  Am I a bit sick for laughing more at this though than being grossed out by it?  It’s over-the-top, especially if you don’t like seeing people’s tongues and eyeballs get cut out.  Make sure and watch the clip later after you’ve eaten and after the Panthers are celebrating their championship.  Yeah, that’s my bold prediction there.  **UPDATE: MY PREDICTION SUCKED**  Bon Appetit!