33% Savings On Blood Bath Shower Gel! (Slow News Day…..)

While popping around some sites this morning, I stumbled upon something that caught my eye – mainly because it said it was on sale.  Over at thinkgeek.com you can find a great 33% savings stocking stuffer for the upcoming Xmas holiday or Halloween if you have a Halloween stocking for some reason.  Yes, it’s every horror fan’s “wet” dream – Blood Bath Shower Gel!


Think of the loads of fun you could have with this!  Your significant other comes home, unbeknownst to them that you purchased this terrifying sale item.  They hear the shower running, the door is cracked, and they call out to you.  Without a response from you, they proceed into the shower (this is suspenseful, isn’t it?) and pull back the curtain and shriek in horror at what they see!  You’re using a very cheap, badly scented, novelty shower soap!

*another senseless death at the hands of lather*

Yes, this bargain item comes in the alluring, fresh scent of cherry.  Because everyone wants to smell like a cherry, right?  Especially if you’re a 40 year old creepy old guy who still lives with his parents.  Or someone who has a fetish for Jolly Ranchers.  So get your loofah and walk, don’t run, over to the link here and pick this up while supplies last!