Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Old Lady Hit By Truck’ From ‘Children Of The Corn II – The Final Sacrifice’ (1992)

They really don’t make them like Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice anymore.  Actually they do, I’m just trying to build this post up to be bigger than it actually is, when honestly I’m just going to show you a clip of an old lady getting hit by a truck.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday where as you already know, I’m spotlighting a scene from the awful but enjoyable Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice.  This was indeed the first of many sequels to the original Children Of The Corn movie from 1984.  The clip involves a group of the town’s cult kids with their leader Micah, stalking an old lady in a wheelchair with a remote control car.  What happens next of course, is both tragic and pretty hilarious:

Yep.  That might be the worst, but maybe best, dummy I’ve ever seen in a horror movie.  They really just didn’t give a shit, did they?  Oh well, it makes it all the more enjoyable because I don’t think Children Of The Corn II is supposed to be taken that seriously.  I will have to admit that this forgotten sequel has some pretty good death scenes to make up for it’s lack of acting and plot.  Case in point, this nifty little clip below that shows the power of Micah and his wooden voodoo doll.  And in church nonetheless!  For shame, Micah.  For shame.