Amazing Horror Movie Replica Props For Sale From ‘Rabid Weasel Studio’!

Have you ever wanted to own an actual container of The Stuff?  What about a ‘Vampires Everywhere!’ comic book from The Lost Boys?  Good news my friends, because I found a spot where you can get not one, but both of those things!  It’s a little company called Rabid Weasel Studio, and if you’re looking for some rare ‘one of a kind’ type horror memorabilia, then they’ve got you covered.  Why is this sounding like a car commercial?


I sure am hungry now after staring at that picture of The Stuff.  I just can’t get enough. Anyway, I was pretty impressed when I went over to Rabid Weasel’s Etsy page to check out their line of products.  They specialize in re-creating some of your favorite horror movie props and gimmicks.  In addition to the aforementioned items, you can pick up everything from some ‘Good Guys’ batteries from Child’s Play to a replica voodoo doll from Creepshow.

Me myself, I have to get a container of The Stuff, fill it up with Cool Whip, and play a cruel joke on someone in the near future.  I can be pretty theatrical, so I’m confident I can make someone believe that The Stuff is actually eating ME and not the other way around.  If you or someone you know would like to check out all of Rabid Weasel’s horror movie goodies, the head on over to their Etsy site HERE or their eBay page HERE and get ready to spend some cash!