Give Me The Creeps: ‘The Chapel Scene’ From ’28 Days Later’ (2002)

During these trying times while dealing with the spread of coronavirus, I give you some sage advice:  STAY OUT OF CHURCHES!  And also, stock up on toilet paper or you’ll be wiping your ass with leaves from outside.  But yes, if you believe anything from the 2002 classic 28 Days Later, then you know that you shouldn’t go poking around in churches.  Otherwise this might happen:

For my money, this is still one of the most effective scenes EVER (yes, ever) in a horror movie (or, movie in general).  Those two dudes that pop up when Jim says “Hello?” still get me shook to this very day and give me the creeps.  Hard to believe that we’ll be approaching a 20-year anniversary soon for this movie, as it has aged incredibly well and still remains a revelation for its style and overall influence that it had on the zombie subgenre.  But alas, like I said – these are trying times at the moment… hunker down, enjoy some good horror, and for God’s sake stay out of the churches!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Thumbs To The Eyes’ From ’28 Days Later’

Everyone has their own ways in which they would hate to die.  Drowning for some.  Buried alive for others.  Spontaneous combustion for a small amount of you.  But what about the dreaded eye gouging via a pair of thumbs?  Where does that rank on the old ‘ways I would hate to die’ meter?  Pretty high for me actually.  And thanks to 2002’s fantastic zombie apocalypse flick 28 Days Later, it may have been bumped up even higher.  So I had to pay homage to the classic ‘thumbs to the eyes’ climax in picture form during this week’s, Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Yes, the one scene that made everyone squirm from 28 Days Later was when Jim (Cillian Murphy) goes on his mansion rampage, and one unlucky bastard gets to feel the force of BOTH of his thumbs.  It’s a moment where we actually feel the optic pain in which that bastard gets his peepers caved in by Jim’s super thumbs.  Here is where I would say the obvious “Thumbs Up!” pun if I was resorting to that kind of jokery.  But anyway, it’s truly a ‘Holy Shit!’ moment, and Jim is rewarded handsomely afterwards with the bad ass/hot Naomie Harris.  Thumbs up, Jim!

*deeper baby…..*


*….now you hit the spot*