That Time Clint Howard Gave A Cop An Ice Cream Cone With An Eyeball In It…..

Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means……..sharks are in the water eating people! And also a lot of people are enjoying ice cream. Why, just before I started typing this – I myself had a delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. You know who else is all about making ice cream cones? Clint Howard! And he made the perfect cone in the cult classic 1995 horror/comedy Ice Cream Man. But instead of those gumballs you would see used for eyes on those ‘frog ice cream’ treats, he uses real eyeballs!

Every time I watch that scene I always think the same thing: How the hell does that cop not see the eyeball poking out of the top of the ice cream?!!?! I mean, I don’t just go licking something without looking at it first – and I think I would have noticed an eyeball poking out of my Rocky Road (Rocky…….Road?). But this is a move about a killer ice cream man after all, so I’ll let that tiny detail slide. The moral of this post – go watch Ice Cream Man! Because it’s Clint Howard’s best movie and summertime is the best time to enjoy his zany antics. Now how many of you did your inner Sloth voice when you read the Rocky Road part?

Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Severed Head Waffle Cone’ From ‘Ice Cream Man’ (1995)

Due to reasons beyond my control (writer’s block), I give you Monday Bloody Monday instead of the usual Sunday Bloody Sunday this week.  Just look at it as if you’re getting a present the day after Christmas or something.  Do you hear that catchy jingly music playing in the background by the way?  No – not that repetitive Dubstep crap that’s all over the radio, it’s The Ice Cream Man! Oh how I loved to hear the music of my small town Ice Cream Man coming up the street.  It prompted me to beg my Mom for a dollar, then go buy one of those delicious ice cream frogs with the gumballs for eyes.  Now had my local frozen treat supplier looked like Clint Howard, my Mom may have been a little less likely to give me that dollar.

Yep, talking about the 1995 Direct-To-Video classic (yes, it is a classic if we’re talking Direct-To-Video status), Ice Cream Man, starring everybody’s not so good looking brother, Clint Howard.  The movie is ridiculous, but in an enjoyable guilty pleasure kind of way, and it sports some somewhat inventive death scenes that mostly revolve around severed heads.  Most notably, a scene involving the lopped off noggin of genre star, David Naughton (An American Werewolf In London).  It’s the perfect midnight movie, so search it out if you haven’t seen it and witness what I believe is Clint Howard’s finest hour. Although his transformation scene from Ticks is nothing to sneeze at.

*ice cream ‘head’ache*


*where the kisses are his and his and his, three’s company too…..*