News: Behold! A Sexy French Girl Turns Into A Frog!

Being that it’s a slow news day, I’m going to show you a sexy French girl turn into a frog.  I’m also going to use as many frog puns as I can throughout this post just to spice things up.  So let’s ‘hop’ on over to the clip and check it out and I’ll explain everything after:

Yeah…..ummmm…..well at least I made due on my promise of showing you a sexy French girl turn into a frog.  Does give new meaning to licking a frog though, right? Hopefully you weren’t so frightened though that you ‘croaked’ from fear when she lunged her slimy tongue at you at the end of the clip. Apparently, the teaser is for an indie flick called Frogz Legz from director Corin Hardy and it sounds like it’s got a ‘Species meets Hostel’ type of vibe going on.  My first reaction is that it was fairly amusing, but it’s not like it made me feel like I had a ‘frog in my throat’ or anything after I watched because I couldn’t speak from the amazement of it (really stretched that one to get my third frog pun in there).  It’s definitely an original idea, I’ll give it that.  Not sure if I’ll be ‘leapfrogging’ over anyone to rush to the theaters to see it though.  If you’re interested in following this amphibious flick, you can do so here.  Me myself, I’d rather watch the Swedish Chef get into some frog leg shenanigans of his own!

Frog pun count: 4