Ebay Find Of The Week: Vintage Ben Cooper Halloween Costume

The greatest time of the year is only less than 2 months away!  Yes, that’s right – National Nut Day is coming up on October 22nd and I know we’re all preparing for it.  Oh, and Halloween is coming up too!  I started feeling a bit of nostalgia today and began reminiscing about my old school Halloween costumes that I wore as a kid.  You know the highly unsafe and flammable ones with the uncomfortable plastic masks?  That led me to snooping around Ebay for some of those and came across this guy:


First off all, in case you can’t tell – that’s supposed to be Herman Munster. Second of all, it’s creepy as fuck.  Ben Cooper was a big corporation between the 1930’s – 1980’s that manufactured Halloween costumes for kids to enjoy and be uncomfortable in.  And this Herman Munster version is very rare and up on Ebay HERE right now.  Yikes – a bit steep for $600, but it looks like you can make an offer as well.  I do think I’m going to be on a mission this year however to track down a more cost efficient one of these Ben Cooper beauties just to keep as a collectible.  Or maybe I’ll try to actually wear it, dust off my Halloween plastic pumpkin candy collector, and go around town and get some goodies while getting taunted in the process.

Give Me The Creeps: ‘The Bicycle Scene’ From ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’ (1994)

Are you scared of creepy old guys who ride by on bicycles that have playing cards in the spokes?  Ok, good.  I thought it was just me.  And I have John Carpenter’s nonsensical, but somewhat enjoyable, 1994 movie In The Mouth Of Madness to thank for that fear.

Sure, this movie has it’s problems.  But dammit if John Carpenter doesn’t always know how to send those chills up and down your spine even when a bad Halloween mask effect is the focal point.  In The Mouth Of Madness has a lot of creepy ass moments, but the one that takes the delicious heavily frosted cake is easily the scene where Linda (Julie Carmen) and John (Sam Neil) are driving down the road and encounter our bike-pedaling friend.  Watch the clip below and if you haven’t seen it, I apologize for making you sleep with a nightlight on tonight:

I can’t get out….it won’t let me out.”  Shudder.  I want a duplicate of that mask by the way just so I can scare the shit out of my wife.  Yes, I can be cruel at times.  This is classic John Carpenter by the way and I would have actually loved to see a spin-off movie with this character just popping up in background shots a la Michael Myers.  Personally, it’s moments like these in horror that really tend to stick with me.  The scene is fairly simple, but that’s what makes it brilliant as far as going for that creep-out effect.  Bravo, Mr. Carpenter.  Ok, I’ll leave you now with a pic to make you grab an extra nightlight.