Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Decapitation’ From ‘The Omen’ (1976)

I’ve had The Omen on my mind a lot lately.  Maybe it’s because Mondo is releasing the remastered soundtrack on vinyl this Tuesday.  Or maybe it’s because I was born the same year that the original was released in theaters.  Better still, maybe it’s because I’m the Antichrist.  I’ll let you mull over that last one while I tell you that I’m very excited to showcase one of the most enjoyable decapitation scenes in horror movie history on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

A challenge like gathering the seven mythical daggers that you need to kill the son of Satan can be a daunting task.  Just ask professional photographer, Keith Jennings.  Better yet, why not watch below what happens to Mr. Jennings.  Apparently his head was really fake by the way.  Who knew?

Fitting that it’s Oscar Sunday by the way since Gregory Peck just gave an Oscar-worthy reaction to that awesome beheading.