Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Nasty Scalping’ From ‘Maniac’ (2012)

Do you have problems with your scalp itching?  I know that the easy solution if you do would be to go to the store and grab a bottle of Head & Shoulders.  But why do that, when you can just call on serial killer Frank Zito to get rid of your scalp ENTIRELY!

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and if you’ve recently eaten, I have to warn you that the clip below is pretty gruesome and may cause nausea.  If you didn’t see the 2012 Maniac remake, then you missed out on little Elijah Wood stepping into the role of a scalp-happy killer who has some Mommy issues to boot.  Quite a few cringe-worthy violent scenes in this one, but for me the scene below takes the cake.  Watch with caution, as Frodo does some nasty damage to one of his unlucky victims.

Review: Maniac (2013)

I’ll admit, when I heard that Elijah Wood was going to be strapping on Joe Spinell’s boots in the Maniac remake, to say I was skeptical would have been an understatement.  Let’s be real here, most associate Wood with the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy as Frodo Baggins, so to picture him scalping hapless female victims and becoming a creepy stalker would have most scratching their heads.  I’ve always thought he was a talented actor, but this was dark territory he was entering here and for this remake to work, he would have to convince us that he was indeed that “maniac” with Mommy issues who had a fascination with bloody scalps and mannequins.  Good news folks – he convinced us.   Continue reading